MCPZ Mednarodni center za prenos znanja d.o.o.

Kardeljeva ploščad 1,
SI-1000 Ljubljana
Slovenija, EU

Tel: +386/(0)1 292 72 60
Fax: +386/(0)1 292 72 62

MCPZ – presentation

International Institute for Knowledge Transfer (IIKT) provides education and training in different branches and on different levels, preparations and assessments of national vocational qualifications and training for additional professional qualifications. We develop our programs together with experts and we follow developments and trends in different branches, legislation as well as in business processes. This is practically demonstrated in strong link between theory and practice and continuously adaptation of education and training to the labour market requests.

Our programs are also available through international partner network, developed and upgraded based on adequate material conditions and human resources, both lecturers and technical staff. In several cases direct transfer of the the program to new national environment is not possible, so in co-operation with foreign national experts, we localize programs according to legislative and regional and national specifics.

Based on analysis of existing and actual competences, we develop tailor-made education and training for specific partners and therefore we enable adaptation of qualification structure of the organization to the market needs and developments in the branch as well as quick reaction to the customers’ requests. We believe that employers are the key factor in definition of competences, which are contents of our educations and trainings; therefore it is essential to maintain strong links with experts from development to execution phase of each programme.

We participate in innovative and development projects, where we continuously learn and upgrade our knowledge and skills, get new insight and perspective on trends, approaches in different branches so therefore we are able to develop and then provide new knowledge, skills and competences, new initiatives and opportunities.

Who are we?


In cooperation with Association for Development of Knowledge we provide trainings for professional qualifications, that are recognized by employers as important for their employees due to the developments in technology, organization and work processes and because of that they also open new employment possibilities for holders. More

Throughout all our of activities we follow the motto ‘NEW KNOWLEDGE FOR DEVELOPMENT AND EXCELLENCY’!

Why come to MCPZ?

  • We offer high quality programs with highly experienced lecturers from practice.
  • Co-operation with employers’ associations and top experts ensure up-date and applicable knowledge.
  • You will receive applicable and continuously up-dated material developed by top experts.
  • We can prepare tailor-made programs for specific target groups.
  • Each participant will receive a certificate.
  • To participants on trainings for additional qualification we enable quick and simple application for certification.

With high quality education and training programs that follow trends, we foster development and progress of our society and ensure continuous development of human resources as well as sustainable development of the society and economy. We are committed to high standards of our programs and entire activities.

In cooperation with the economy and other organizations we develop up-date, applicable and programs, adapted to participants for different branches and expert fields.

We will become most visible provider of business education and training of adults with highest reputation. We will be known by professionalism, responsibility excellency and reliability.
We will identify challenges and continuously develop new programs.

is to increase the competitiveness of our customers by monitoring labour market needs and continual development of new educational and training contents. Our primary objective is education and training by participants expectations.


  • To continuously monitor development trends and labour market needs;
  • To develop new innovative and applicable educations and trainings;
  • Optimal balance between quality and price;
  • We are aware of the importance of each client;
  • Advise and work with clients will be carried out on the principle of professionalism, reliability and user-friendliness;
  • We will strengthen cooperation with employers’ organizations and other stakeholders;
  • We will co-operate with top-lecturing team;
  • We will expand our partner and program network geographically and by expertise;
  • We will co-operate in development partnerships in education, training and labour market field;
  • We will get authorizations for regulated professions and activities and ensure highest quality of implementation;
  • We will promote continuous training for highly qualified and motivated employees, facilitate personal growth and innovativeness;
  • We will promote a positive working environment, optimistic approach to the challenges and problems.


  • Knowledge;
  • Expertise;
  • Innovativeness;
  • High quality;
  • Responsibility to participants and partners;
  • Flexibility;
  • Positivity;
  • Sustainable development.


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